About IPLC

Michelangelo removed unnecessary stone to reveal the sculpture within.  Good patents are found the same way.

Since the early years of assertive out-licensing in the high-tech industry, the principals of IPLC have helped select clients realize royalty revenues from their patent portfolios.  Some small clients are not in a position to fund licensing or brokering services and we have programs to suit their needs.  Other clients are large international companies in semiconductor, telecommunication, information technology and consumer electronics fields located in Asia, the US and Europe.  For them we provide an outsourcing alternative to relieve manpower or budget constraints.

For all of our clients, we have provided programs custom tailored to objectives they set forth.  While there are methodologies that work well in many situations, no single program performs best for everyone.  Further, we do not hesitate to recommend other consultants when a potential client is better served in other ways.

The three principals of IPLC combine project management skills, knowledge of high-tech products and markets, expertise in patents under US law and business analysis & negotiating know-how to develop programs that provide the client with the best chance to meet critical objectives.  We also have strong relationships with patent litigating law firms in the US and Japan.

Charles R. Neuenschwander

Gerald S. Amen

Gregory M. Howison

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